Monday, June 13, 2011

Soap Dish Idea

Gosh, it's been a while since I've posted.  I guess that's what happens at the end of the school year with report cards to write and all the end of year stuff to get through.  School is officially over, and I've got several ideas for posts to write, so I think I'll "catch-up" soon. And while I have several science of soapmaking topics to write about, I've also got several artsy-related topics as well. And so I'll start with one of those...

A couple of weeks ago three of us from the Soapmaking Forum, who live in Pennsylvania, got together for a Saturday of soap-related conversation and activities.  Though we didn't make soap, we did make some soap dishes. I got the idea from a picture posted on the Soapmaking Forum.  I bought a length of wood moulding from Lowe's that had deep grooves in it. We cut the moulding into 5 inch lengths (about 13 cm), and sanded the edges.  Then we sealed the wood with a non-toxic sealant made from beeswax and mineral oil (recipe below). Rubbed the sealer into the wood really well, let it sit for a bit then wiped off the excess. After some time to dry, they were ready to use. Here is a picture of one of my soap dishes:

Here is the wood sealer recipe:

1 cup mineral oil  (236 ml)
1.6 oz. beeswax.   (45 g)

    Heat the mineral oil on low heat for about 5 minutes, then add the beeswax.  Stir when melted. Pour into a jar and let solidify.  Rub into the wood. 

I got the recipe for the wood sealer from:
Non-toxic wood sealer from